Virtual Reality and Content Production


Captivate Prospective Students with Your Campus: Virtually and Physically

Most students obtain first-hand information on a university by visiting the physical campus, aiding the critical process of deciding which college or university is best for them. However, campus visits can be very costly as well as time consuming, making them not the best choice for everyone.

Sunrise 360 - a new era in AR/VR - will give prospective students and their parents the opportunity to engage with the campus in a more authentic and interesting way without having to visit the actual college. With 360-degree panoramic photos and videos, potential students can visit any school from anywhere in the world. Our virtual tours are designed to simulate real campus visits to provide a realistic experience of attending college for students.
This will not only save families time and money, but also assist schools in reaching out to more prospective students


It connects humans to other humans in a profound way that I've never seen before in any other form of media. And it can change people's perception of each other. And that's how I think virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world.

Chris Milk