Travel Marketing and Tourism

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We Offer Limitless Opportunities On the Chinese Tourism Market

Traverse helps bring your business into the Chinese market through customized consulting, localization, and face-to-face partnership building. Our expertise lies in our understanding of Chinese culture and what helps international businesses succeed in this market. China is big, so is the world. Traverse is here to build a shortcut for you and potential Chinese partners and customers.

China Travel Shows


Explore opportunities with over 3,000 Chinese travel agencies and related businesses through a series of conferences in 2nd and 3rd tier cities with Traverse. Our Travel Shows are tailored to capture insiders' interest and travelers' attention.

Tourists from China have changed their mentality, they are really taking vacations when traveling overseas. This explains why spending on accommodation has increased from 13.7% of an entire travel budget in 2013 to 17.4% in 2017 according to FTCR.

                                                                                                         Traverse Insight | Jan. 2018


Other Services


  • Chinese translation reflecting culture and language habit
  • Website design catering to local demand
  • Domestically hosted domain navigating through the Firewall


  • Content translation covering every relevant detail
  • Eye-catching design highlighting the most attractive features
  • Local printing ensuring quality and efficiency

Social Media

We create and manage your account to reach a local audience with bilingual posts on popular Chinese social media platforms.