Market Research and Business Development


Enter the largest consumer market in the world. Localize your marketing services and magnify your impact. 

Successful content appeals to your target audience—this starts with the correct marketing plan. Sunrise Cross Border Service (Sunrise CBS) is a full-service digital consulting agency that creates, tests, and implements marketing campaigns and strategies for foreign clients. From translating your previous campaign to creating unique China-facing copy, we do it all. 


China will surpass the US to become the world's largest retail market with total sales of $4.886 trillion, compared with $4.823 trillion. 

eMarketer Online|  August 2016


Our Services


Creative Digital Services

Expanding your institution into China does not need to be difficult. We assist our clients in building a respectable presence in the Chinese market by offering a number of services, including the construction of an attractive landing page hosted in China, the creation of a mobile friendly WeChat website, the designing and printing of marketing materials, and the translation of English content to cater to the tastes of Chinese audiences. 

Digital Marketing

Grow your business with China’s dominant social media platforms. It is inevitable that you should use Chinese social media for your business in China. Establishing a social media presence in China is an essential step to reach more Chinese audience and younger generation since most western social apps are blocked by the Great Firewall. 

Business Development

Our team has extensive experience in Chinese market. Sunrise will make the most of your strengths and define your areas for improvement with helping to inform business based on data-driven points of knowledge predictions analytics and insights. We also provide roadshow, exhibition and event services which can be completely tailored to your requirements. 




Sunrise CBS has a strong understanding of the Chinese system and its ability to face the challenges it poses. We have extensive experiences of navigating the ever-changing China landscape with a track record of helping brands to fully capture the China opportunity. We can create engaging content and craft an effective strategy for influencing your market.